The significance of an all around drafted agreement of business or letter of commitment


On 1 May the Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission conveyed a choice, which features the significance of a very much drafted agreement of business or letter of commitment, as might be the situation.
The choice is Jeremy Lee v Superior Wood Pty Ltd. It included a case for unjustifiable excusal by Mr Lee.
Mr Lee’s agreement of work that provision 2 gave as follows:
“2.2 Various strategies, methodology and work leads likewise exist for the protected activity of Superior Wood Businesses and the government assistance and premium of the individuals who work for the association.
2.3 You are needed to conform to the states of work as distinguished in the Enterprise Agreement, Policies, Procedures and Work Rules consistently. Strategies are shown at different areas all through the tasks:
Unrivaled Wood Intranet
Lounge noticeboards

2.4 A duplicate of the presentation (sic) approaches is likewise appended.”
After Mr Lee started work with Superior Wood Pty Ltd (“Superior Wood’), Superior Wood presented a site participation strategy, which made it obligatory for its representatives to give their unique finger impression, to be utilized to confirm their entitlement to go to the premises. Mr Lee was coordinated to consent to the strategy, would not furnish his unique mark and thusly conform to the approach, his work was ended, and he documented an application for unreasonable excusal.
The Fair Work Commission found that:
1. Mr Lee’s agreement of work didn’t oblige him to conform to the arrangement, as it was anything but an approach referred to in the agreement of business, or pondered by the agreement of work;
The Decision expressed that:
“As can be seen, the agreement required Mr Lee to follow the “different arrangements, strategies and work decides that exist” and that “are shown at different areas” and that were joined to his agreement in November 2014. A severe perusing recommends that main those arrangements, strategies and work runs set up at the hour of section into the agreement of business were inside extent of the prerequisite to go along.”



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“The Policy appeared well after he was utilized, and there is no proof that Mr Lee consented to fluctuate his agreement of work to fuse the Policy as one of its terms. His refusal to consent to its terms is proof unexpectedly. We are not fulfilled that consistence with the Policy was a term of his work.” and,
2. the heading by Superior Wood for Mr Lee to conform to the strategy was outlandish in the conditions.
The Commission found for the representative, concurring that the end of his work was unjustifiable.
The Decision expressed that:
“… we think about the heading to Mr Lee to submit to the assortment of his unique mark information, in conditions where he didn’t agree to that assortment, was not a legal course.”
Suggestions for managers
It would be shrewd for bosses to find some prompt ways to limit the danger that occured for Superior Wood:
set up an agreeable protection strategy which is clear with regards to what representative individual data might be gathered, and how and when it could be gathered;
get the worker’s agree to the assortment and utilization of such data;
require planned workers (ie before they become a representative) to recognize that:
it is a state of their work that they conform to your strategies and methods then, at that point, set up, and as fluctuated or added to occasionally; and,
they have perused your strategies and techniques.
According to an evidentiary viewpoint, this would best be finished via a composed proposal of business, which proposition contains every one of the particulars of the work and has connected to it duplicates, everything being equal, and techniques (or possibly those that you consider basic to your activities), and require the imminent worker to recognize having perused and perceived the strategies, as a component of giving their acknowledgment of the deal.
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